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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Interviews: Tyte

  If you're indeed an avid subscriber to the music scene in the state of Florida then you can't deny the rise of a young spitter that is making waves through the streets like the ocean. After his hit single "Florida" tore through the streets like a hurricane he has yet to let up. Seeing each opportunity for what it is then executing has been the name of the game for the young homie. 

 We've had the chance to sit down and chop up some game with the upcoming star. Here's your chance to get inside the mind of Tyte. 

ACM: We are excited to have the young homie, fellow Floridian in the buildin! He's steadily on the rise in the music industry. Let the people know who you are in case they don't know.

T: Yo! Whats good this ya homie Tyte. 

ACM: We wanna start at the beginning when we first were introduced to you. You dropped the "Florida" banga in 2017 and it's been uphill from there. Was that song the one to open the door for you?

T: Yes 'Florida' was my introduction to the industry. 

ACM: We're very familiar about where you're from. Tell the people where you're from and the challenges you face or faced makin it through the door coming from there?

T: You know it's like any other place. If You Were Raised In The Hood Its Hard To Make It Out. Drug Infested, Killings, You Know The Usual. Some Of The Challenges I Faced Were Lack Of Support, I had To Turn The People Of My City Into Believers, Not everyone Believed In Me And Some Still Don't To This Day, But All I Can Do Is Continue To Make  Music And Hope They Catch On. 

ACM: Is the homie T-Pain in support of your movement?

T: No, we have no relations.

ACM: How has the industry been treating you?

T: It Has Its Up's And Downs Like Anything Else In Life. You Just Have To Make It Work The Best Way You Can, But I Am Loving The Support That I'm Now Receiving, Its Pretty Dope Having People Want To Listen To What You Have To Say. 

ACM: Have you worked with any Florida artists? Are there any Florida artists or artists in the industry that you'd like to work with?

T: Yea, I've Worked With PC Tweezie, Project Youngin, Tom G, And Tokyo Jetz. Ill Like To Work With Rich Homie Quan And Future One Day. 

ACM. How do you feel about today's political climate?

T: I Don't Really Get To Involved With That To Me Its Based On Opinions. I Just Do What Do And Stay Out That Way. 

ACM: Have you or do you plan on using your platform to speak on social issues? Specifically Black issues?

T: Yes Most Def. I feel I'm The Voice Of The People Especially For Those That Don't Have A Say In Things Such As The Homeless, Prison System And Any Other Regular Person. I Feel For There To Be A Change You Have To Have A Solution "One That Works". 

ACM: You just released a new single called "Letters". Talk to us about the inspiration for that record.

T: The Record Really Just Came To Me Out The Blue Thinks To The Grace Of God , It Was Initially Called "Yes Man" Explaining The Life Of A Person That Always Says "Yes" But I Ended Up Spelling It And Putting It In A Catchy Format, And The People Seemed To Really Like It So We Ran With It . It Wasnt Suppose To Come Out The Way It Did But I'm Glad It Did. 

ACM: You've released quite a few bodies of work from "Takin over the Nawf" all the way to "4:1". Talk to us about the records that were most significant to you and what you were able to accomplish with them.

T: Most Def. 'Florida' It Got My Foot Through The Door, But One Of My Favorite Projects Was The Sincerely Series. It Gave More Intel On My Life And What I've Been Through And The Circumstances I Came From. But All Of Them Play A Major Roll In My Career Because Each Project We Dropped I Got A New Set Of Fans And Supporters And That's The Only Thing That Matters Being Able To Appeal To The People And Make Them Feel A Type Of Way. 

ACM: What's your take on the XXL 2018 Freshman issue?

T: I Mean Its Cool. They Worked For Their Spot, I Cant Hate Or Be Made, Just Waiting On My Spot. 

ACM: What's next for Tyte? New records, tours, TV etc.?

T: We're preparing for Sincerely 3 and getting a tour together, theirs no dates discussed yet. 

ACM: This is the time where you can throw some S/O's to your team and fam.

T: Wanna S/o The Whole YNL Team Jac, Kay, Jp, And All My Fans And Supporters. 

ACM: We'd like to thank you for choppin up some game with us lil bro. One more thang tho, let the people know what magazine you rockin with ratt nie!

T: Already Know I'm Fucking With Apex Coture Magazine! 

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