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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Monday, April 30, 2018


 Here at Apex Coture we have the luxury of working with the world's most talented and also the most beautiful artists, entrepreneurs, models amazing melanated Kings and Queens. In this moment we have a very special treat for our subscribers.
This is a highly anticipated interview and we're excited to finally have this sit down with the always gorgeous song bird and actress Karian Sang! Let's do it.

ACM: We have one of the most beautiful and talented song birds in the industry right here, right now. Say hello to the people!

KS: Nuff blessings to everyone. Happy to be here catching up with Apex Coture Magazine.

ACM: You have been very busy lately. What's got you in grind mode?

KS: Realizing that time waits for no one, I want to feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose doing what I love. Pushing my self to do my best, 

ACM: You have release a slew of singles. Can you break them down one by one? Let's talk about "Why do I listen". Tells us your aim with that joint.

KS: “Why Do I Listen” is a song I created to show my Assassins how easy it can be to write a song, I chose the topic of a relationship that becomes very difficult to end even when you know it’s breaking your heart. 

ACM: How about "For You" featuring Mavado?

KS:”For You” is a song about a girl saying she’ll do anything for the person she desires but he knows she won’t go all the way because he has a life with someone else. 

(Click here for "For You")

ACM: Tell us about "Open Up"

KS:”Open Up” is a sexy song I wrote about not knowing someone very well but having this intense attraction with them that makes u do things u don’t usually do.

ACM: "123' is definitely a hot one. What was the motivation for that one?

KS: 123 was written to make girls & guys feel confident about them selves when they step out & know they can have anything they want “123 & it comes to me” & no one is badder than Michael Jackson implying u wanna emulate an undeniable type of kool!

ACM: Tell us about "You're My Soul". The title alone is powerful.

KS: I wrote “You’re My Soul” thinking of a love connection that was always meant to be & how far I would go to keep something that makes me feel like nothing else matters. 

Click here for "You're My Soul') 

ACM: "Come ova" is enticing. Please elaborate on that one.

KS:”Come Ova” is a fun song I wrote about a girl wanting her guy to just get to where she is immediately so they can get crazy with each other in a moment of passion, I love sexy playful music that make you wanna dance.

ACM: So you're also an actress? What made you want to get into acting?

KS: I enjoy playing different characters & bringing a story to life delights me. 

ACM: Have you starred in any films? If so, please do tell.

KS: Yes! I starred in the movie Destiny, such a dope story it was a definite yes when the opportunity presented its self .

ACM: You've traveled all over the world delivering those amazing Jamaican vibes. How are the people receiving you worldwide? 

KS: The audience is wonderful each time was a surprise to me but music is definitely the universal language so we communicated perfectly.

ACM: You have a lot of collaborations in the works. Who all are you working with?

KS:Yes! I'm featured on other artists tracks but I can’t really say until the release dates are confirmed, so we just have to wait & see. 

ACM: Is there anyone in the industry that you haven't worked with but want to?

KS: Yes! there’s many but mainly Buju Banton, Cardi B, & J. Cole. I dig real people .

ACM: Is there an album on the way? Tour? What's next for Karian Sang?

KS:Yes! I’m working on album taking my time with it trying to create something timeless! Singles & an EP will be out a lot sooner tho. A possible tour is in the works depending on my schedule. 

ACM: You have a very unique look. What is you ethnicity?

KS: It’s quite the variety, lol. I’m Chinese, Black, Cuban, Indian, Irish, & Scottish  🌈 

ACM: We would like to thank you for taking the time out to chop up some game with us. This is the time for you to give a shout to your fam/team and let everyone know what magazine you rockin with!

KS: Bigg ups to god & all my assassins!! Check out my music on iTunes, shout outs to my music team, my producer @solstarpro, my P.R. Victor, I’m very appreciative to have this talk with Apex Coture Magazine dope interview thank u & nuff luv.

For more information on Karian, go to:

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