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Thursday, February 22, 2018

POLITICS AS USUAL: Survivor to Rubio: Will you reject NRA money?

 Somebody stand up and give this kid a round of applause. This is what journalists in the mainstream media will not do. They will not ask the tough questions.

 Now that he asked the tough question, did ya see Marco Rubio put on his dancing shoes? He danced around that question very poorly but nonetheless he continued to dodge answering the question. This is a prime example of our politicians in Amerikkka. They don't give a shit about the people. The people aren't giving them thousands to millions of dollars.

 They really think that these kids are unaware of the corruption painted all over their agendas. This is proven by the last statement: "So I knew that was gonna happen". He handed Rubio his ass and he deserves to host a show at CNN.   

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