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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

AUDIO PLUG: 2x Olympic Athlete Carol Rodriguez Drops Freestyle To Chris Brown's High End

Known as Carol Rodriguez in the sports world as "The Fastest Women in Puerto Rico," Carol Cake (her alter ego) is shifting gears as she preps for her music debut with '7 Candles' EP in March.
Teaming up with Atlanta songwriter and producer Omega Tha Kid and Chad Wells who serve as the project's executive producers, Carol Cake readies the release of 'Pay Up' serving as the first single. Giving vibes of Lil Kim in the 90's, Carol is out to win another race and is carving her own lane with her New Orleans, Hollywood and Puerto Rican influences. Set to add to the flare of new female Hip-Hop artists currently out, Carol Cake picks Chris Brown's 'High End' to let the world know what she has in store on her debut project and that she can kill any track, musically and physically.

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Click here to watch the Official Video

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