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Friday, September 22, 2017


 It's always a pleasure to receive any type of release from the beautiful Jhene Aiko. She has take it upon herself to give us a short film entitled "Trip" (as it would relate to LSD given thee artwork for the album) then releasing the album without warning or promo but we had to know that something was coming... 

 She has a mystery about her that she intends on relinquishing through her art and acting.
One thing she displays is that even though she is gorgeous she's human. That's where beauty tends to meet it's fuzzy line. I think we should take a look and understand what she delivers.. 

  In the movie she shows her vulnerable side in the character "Penny" who lost her brother and the pain that comes with such a loss. The getaway that drugs and escapism brings.  So she meets a...... You know what? Just take a look for yourself........  

 The album has a melodic and trippy feel to it as she does move in and out of your emotions with the tone we all fell in love with. A few ballads which makes you appreciate the hints of Neo Soul and R&B. Features like Big Sean of course TWENTY88, OG Kurupt and Swae Lee make it an interesting vibe... Check it out 

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