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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


 We are proud to announce that the big homie Jay Z a has turned down a performance for the NFL at the punk ass Halftime show.
We're all aware of the controversy surrounding the NFL and their disregard for Black Lives even though Black men are who they make the bulk of their money off of. If you are a Black man and offered such at this point in time you must choose a side. If you don't choose the side of your people knowing we are oppressed, murdered with impunity and targeted in the open then nigga we have no choice but to disown yo ass. You think we don't have power? Man please... Their whole existence is hell bent on tryna convince you that you as a Black man/woman you are powerless but guess what? You have all the power. Why else would a whole race of people dedicated all their money, resources and time to do what they do to US tryna convince US otherwise? If you are indeed Superior to anyone, you don't have to say it, or implement laws to prove it, by nature it would be shown. Shout out to Jay.. 

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