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Monday, September 18, 2017

AUDIO PLUG: Leo Vance Releases Level Up

Hip Hop recording artist and music producer Leo Vance released his new single, "LEVEL UP" September 3, 2017. The multi-talented artist performed on the TDOT FEST music stage at the iconic Young-Dundas Square before a packed venue. "LEVEL UP" is produced by platinum winning music producer Patrick Carmelo, who worked with Vance to ensure the single reflected the artist's soul

"LEVEL UP" looks back into Vance's childhood memories growing up on the east side of Detroit and how it parallels growing up on the east side of Toronto. The lyrics speak to character and the ability to know who you are and to persevere against what life throws your way. "LEVEL UP" falls into the subgenre referred to as Trap Music, originating in the Southern United States. A harder sound for Vance, who wanted to show his fans another side of himself and keep it honest.

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