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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, August 18, 2017

ACMD INTERVIEWS: Derrick “DC” Chatman

Derrick Chatman began his career at WQZY Y96/Dublin in 1989 where he sold advertising and created and hosted  “The Soul of the City” which was the only black music on radio during that time.
In 1991, Derrick Chatman began his record promotions career under the guidance of legendary music promoter, Arlinda Garrett as a part of her street team working on the debut of Master P’s first album.
In 1994, Derrick Chatman joined 97.9 WIBB/Macon, GA and eventually became the youngest Station Manager Additionally; he would create an independent weekly artist showcase, “DC’s New Artist Profile radio show” which would be responsible for launching first long form interview and debut of Young Dro, DJ Skillz, Sonny Spoon, and many others. 
Throughout his career, he has held positions at WMSU/Starkville, MS, WQVE/Albany, GA, WGXA Fox 24,WDBN 107.9/Dublin, GA, WEAS-E93/Savannah, and currently employed as the Senior Media Specialist at WGTA/Atlanta (Me TV Network).

He is owner of DC Productions, Southern Mecca Entertainment,Southern Mecca Records, and Chatman is the Author of new hot selling book, “Livin’ In the Mortuary”. 

You've accomplished a lot in your 28 year career in Broadcasting; what are your favorite moments?

I have a lot a "wow" moments that I'm so thankful to God for making happen in my life. I'd have to say getting the opportunity to interview President Bill Clinton and President Jimmy Carter are probably the top moments! I'm proud to be the first person to throw full support to Young Dro in 2001 when he was just another struggling artist in the business. I gave him a full 30 minute radio interview and was first to play 3 songs off his cd. I was the Station Manager at 97.9 WIBB at the time so I took him to all of my jock and told them to give him 100% support and the rest is history. (He later signed with Grand Hustle in 2006). 
Do y'all keep in touch? Not really. We've had a couple reunions at some of his shows but nothing special to remember the time. I don't think Dro barely remembers those days but I own my masters of the interview and his debut performance in Macon at the Douglas Theater

You've managed a lot of independent artists in your career including an artist that was widely known as Nick Branden. It was a shock for a lot of folks in the industry that y'all were no longer working together. Of course; there were many rumors but what really happened? 

I guess a lot of factors played into Nick's decision to drop our project but I can honestly tell you there was nothing negative in our personal or professional relationship. The truth is Nick came to my office when he was a teenager and asked me to work with him and I wasn't really impressed or interested in developing another raw artist Witt absolutely no experience but I had a change of heart and dedicated many years to his success, notoriety, and helped make him a better artist. So It took a lot of patience because he went through a lot growing pains as an individual and it was a tough road we both dealt with during our many years working together. All of my haters really did everything possible to destroy our success and make up false things about me. I've heard it all but thank God that my track record is more solid than the false narratives out there. Nick Carswell (Branden) and I are cool......we're not working together but we've still got a bond of friendship.

What are you currently working on now?

First of all; I am very excited about my return earlier this year to Atlanta! I am the Senior Media Specialist for MeTV (WGTA).  Additionally, I've released my first book called "Livin' In The Mortuary" and it's available at all major book stores and of course, I've got a box for sale in the trunk of my car! 

I understand you're very involved with the MBE Conference (915-9/17) at the Atlanta Concourse Renaissance Hotel. Tell us about it.

I am actually on the Advisory Board of the MBE Conference where we bring radio personalities, deejays, Program Directors along with national record reps, entertainment attorneys, promoters, and entertainment professionals for a weekend to educate independent artists how to promote themselves to the music industry. It will be our third year and we've expanded to add a poolside fashion show into our opening night. We've got red carpet paparazzi, music educational panels, new artist music showcase and The MBE Independent Music Awards and a Gospel/Jazz/ Caribbean brunch and plenty of fantastic vendors selling and marketing goods.  I'm really excited about this year and we're still accepting artist that want to be in the music showcase in front of the industry. 

Wow, you're still as busy as ever! Thank you for allowing us to grab a few moments of your time.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to your readers; I'm a big fan too! 

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