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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Toronto, ON. 17 August 2017 – Taz Garcia is an award winning action film actor and director.   As a part of the elitenew blood generation of action movie stars, Garcia is committed and serious about his work. Aware of the journey and those that came before him, the actor is humbled by his seat at the table.   The consummate professional, known for his intricate Hong Kong style fight scenes is passionate about doing his own action scenes and stunts.  The accomplished martial arts Champion Garcia comes fully prepared for the physical demands of his work holding himself to very high standard.  The hard working actor was recently recognized as the youngest recipient of the "Icon Award" at the Action on Film Awards in Los Angeles.  The award was presented by the legendary Dr. Bob Goldman and Michael DePasquale Jr.    Always evolving, Garcia was both, director and star of his first film "The Briefcase."  The film earned the actor/director several nominations and awards, notably  "Breakout Male Action Star" at the AOF International Film Festival in Los Angeles.  
Garcia has appeared in many TV and Movie projects, including countless international productions.  The action/comedy "First Bust” earned him a "Male Action Performer of The Year” award.  In 2015 he was the sole Canadian selected to join the international cast of  "Lost in the Pacific," one of the largest Hollywood/China co-productions, alongside Brandon Routh- Superman Returns, Russell Wong- Romeo Must Die, and the Vincent Ward -Walking Dead.   Garcia has worked and learned from the best, that includes Ace Stunt Action and Jackie Chan's stunt team.   The actor will join some of Hollywood's iconic action movie stars and directors at the at the 13th annual Action On Film Festival, in Las Vegas, August 17-26th, 2017.  The multi -talented actor will share his 20 years of martial arts and stunts experience at a Hollywood Stunt Action techniques seminar during the festival.  Taz Garcia's career is firmly planted in the next generation of action movie stars.    

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