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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017


We know you've been waiting on this. We know you have a special place in your heart for this woman here. If you don't yet, you will after this..
She is a lyrical assassin, entrepreneur, female motivator and as you can see she is sexy as hell. Let's not waste anymore time...

Let's get into this exclusive interview..

ACMD: For those who may not have yet had their eyes and ears witness the sex appeal and witty flow of........ Well how bout you tell em who you are

AD: I am Alonna Deville Undergrounds most wanted and Im not your average rap bitch. I am BMG’s first lady, a artist and I entertain people. I’m a rapper first as, well as singing, modeling ,acting ,event hosting.

ACMD: Your flow is crazy and most men couldn't stand in the paint with you although many want to even if it's just to be near you. Tell us about your humble beginnings in Hip Hop...

AD: Wow thanks you for the compliment and I do appreciate the recognition.  To do hip hop music is to love hip hop. Growing up in, my household hip hop was unacceptable by mother by my pops exposed me to a different kind of music. At that point I had to sneak and watched MTV and BET.
 I sang in the church but always secretly wanted to rap, but I knew my mom would never approve. Finally one day I took that leap of faith to start developing a talent that has always been there. At this point in the game, I cannot care who accepts me and who does not. I have no breaks and I ain’t letting up either!
ACMD: Being from the windy city I have to say that it's a breath of fresh air that you don't participate in the drill music scene. Or do you?

AD: Your right I do not, but you can’t make yourself do something that’s not in you. Unfortunately drill just aint my style and that’s something that sets me apart from other artist in my city. Don’t get me wrong though I definitely respect and vibe out to a lot of drill music. Those artist have put a lot of well needed attention on our city and I can appreciate that on so many levels.

ACMD:  Where in Hip Hop did the influence of your cadence come from? I mean to have that type of flow yeen in the category of mumble rap at all. I fuckin love it..

AD: Thank you, I will have to say that I was influenced by a lot of old school hip hop to be honest Mia X, Da Brat, Missy Elliot, etc. I have always been intrigued by battle rappers, spitters, lyricist and fast rappers as well. Rapper like Tupac, Twista, Eminem etc they are incomparable to anyone else in the game.  Pac spit knowledge and Twista spit hella fast and the way Eminim say anything on his mind and continuously switches up the flow. I wanna fall in my own lane just the same. I wanna run with the best and become so cold male or female cant f*ck with me singing or rapping.
ACMD: Talk about the "Most Wanted" album. What was the objective for that body of work? And how was it a level up for you?

AD: “Most Wanted” is my first REAL mix tape I dropped. This mix tape was a compilation of work I have been putting together over time. I was able to express my personal thoughts and feeling the way I wanted to. The objective was to show them what Alonna DeVille is made of and wake em up.
They been sleep on the kid too long and I feel they needed to know I am undergrounds most wanted. I don’t see too many out here doing it like me. This mix tape was a level up cause I been working twice as hard ever since. The music been going harder, the promo game, you name it.

ACMD: Give us the scoop on BMG...

AD: Everyone wanted to know whats BMG all about. BMG is a label me and my manger put together to help push me as an artist. My girls Blissandra and Bad Rican are apart of the label they model and host parties. What makes our little team seem so huge is not only the intellect, but everything is in house. We do our own promo, videos, promo videos, promo pictures. We have in house editing, photography, graphics all of it. Between my manager and my boy Devious, whose also part of the team, they both do photography and video. Its great!

ACMD: We've been rockin with you for a good while and the love and support is really real. During this time we couldn't help but notice your sexy turn all the way up. What made you decide to be a camera killa? And how does it help your career?

AD: Sex sells and sex appeal counts in this game. I do a lot of promo pics to grab and keep attention of my fans and supporters. Catchy covers and pictures make people want see and hear more. Indeed it has defiantly been a good look in all departments. You can sound good all day but if the look don’t match its gone make it harder. Plus I love to be infront of the camera and have gotten so many more doors open and new opportunities. I got people want me to model there brands and more photographers are calling upon me to work. Hell more artist, labels, brands, they wanna work! They see me! I love it!

ACMD: Who are you looking to collab with in the industry as far as artists?

AD: I feel it’s only right to do some collabs with some artist in my city, Jeremiah, Twista, Dreezy. I also would like to work with artist like Rae Sremmurd, Kodak Black, Gucci Mane ETC I like there style.

ACMD: When can we expect another dope album? Also let the people know if you're touring or how they can bring you to there city..

AD: Right now im pushing my single SLUGGN which is on ITUNES ,Spotify ,Amazon ,Tidal right now and any other site you can think of. Once that song is global an album is sure to follow. However my next mix tape is to be determined. I have discussed with Cash Back Mafia, my boys in France, dropping another Mix tape with them. The first one “On Your Knees Im the Queen” did numbers 80k and counting. Right now we are working on putting together a tour but if you want me in your city put me in tune to your local promoters and my team will handle the rest my booking info

ACMD: In our circle of support our baby ThickRed3x is rockin with us heavy. As a matter of fact you guys are a great example of how more black people should be in support of each other's businesses and brands. We caught a preview behind the scenes of what looked to be a real tasty treat with you guys working together. Tell us ALL about that and when we can expect to see it.. Or is it readily available? 

AD: Oh yes I love me some Thick Red as do many others. She showed me love from the day we found each other on social media and the feeling was mutual. She was genuine from day one and that is so hard to find from my fellow Nubian sistas. Ok so lets get to the Juicy parts! That video clip you saw of me and Thick Red is for my upcoming video “808 Drum” shot my boy Lawrence Griffin Film I.C.O.N.S, Society Raized Ent. He heard that song and wanted to shoot the visual for it. However instead of a guy for the love interest we decided a female would make the video life. I wanted someone just sexy, thick and brown, and will I laid eyes on here I knew she was “the one.”
She was very pleasant and professional to work with and an amazing actress. WHEW! But stay tuned the video is coming soon! We started working on it last September and should be dropping this September. We ran into a few issue in the making of the video with postponed the filming. Anything amazing is worth waiting for, BUT I know I most Certainly cannot wait!! Big Special thanks to everyone that was apart of that production especially my leading lady, Thick Red!

ACMD: Female emcee's are pretty much the lifeline of Hip Hop right now. How do you feel about the ladies from your area like Sasha Go Hard and Chella H to name a couple?

AD: I respect them, even the ones unnamed for making a name out here for themselves. Salute

ACMD: Tell us about the new single #Sluggin and the movement..

AD: I can’t even lie, my manager just randomly said one day “hey you should make a song called Sluggn” cause I was always talking about somebody “Sluggn”. Sooooo, about a years later I finally was ready to record Sluggn and my boy Joey Rock Marley made this dope as beat for it. Sluggn means to be thick as hell, to have that head turner! That Dammmmmnnn! The ladies have taken a liking to it and the fellas too. With that Sluggn is a movement that is slowly turning into a brand. We will be putting together a visual soon, and doing a casting call for some bad ass Sluggas.

ACMD: Wassup with that baby Badd Rican and Blissandra? Y'all are like a triple dose of Waterfalls. It seems that together you three are good for your brand. Are you guys related? 

AD: Bad Rican and I are not related is no way shape or form. We teamed up similar to how Thick Red and I did. I saw her on social media and she saw me and it was a hit. I said lets shoot and she was all for it. We met in person for the first time at our first shoot together with my Boy Fred Malone, Chi Town Urban Radio. We been shooting together ever since and you will catch her in the “808 Drum” video as well as many more.
She is defiantly A1 and easy to work with and I plan to keep her in my circle for sure. We have so much more work planned to do together. Her work ethic matches mine which makes it such a breeze. No, we don’t always see eye to eye but we have goal to reach so we work through it. Blissandra Armstrong and I met on social media I so respected her grind and drive towards her goals. She is so very supportive its nuts, Had to bring her into the circle she has been a part of my movement and I apart of hers. We are all family without the blood BMG girls what you know about that!!

ACMD: Well we are in appreciation for this chat and we look forward to working with you in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and at this time please give a shout out to your team, fam and let everyone know what magazine you rockin with!!

AD: Well I want to thank my manager and my label Beastly Music group. Everybody who has showed me love and support ,all the radio stations who had gotten behind my music, my family Shout to my fallen sis Rain G #trg4life and Apex Coture Magazine for this opp
Everybody please check out my website   

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