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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Toronto, ON. 23 August 2017 Channel Zero in association with Have Faith Productions has reached the final stages of development for the up coming police drama,  "HUDSON."    The series, to be shot in Toronto will air in the US, Canada and the UK.

HUDSON captures the politics and the temperament of a city through the lives of the police officers of the 34th precinct.  HUDSON is divided by two distinctly opposite neighborhoods separated by a footbridge not linking them but dividing them.  A footbridge that separates the rich, famous and politically connected from subsidized housing and poverty.  The episodes take you to the heart of the city from upscale streets to back alleys, social status not always pre-determining who turns up where.  The men and women of the 34th precinct have been entrusted to protect and serve both neighborhoods... equally.  
The officers of the 34th like the rest of us are flawed, but step up everyday to serve and protect.  Most conceal their personal fears and demons, but some officers break, or may even come broken to a job that requires keeping emotions and personal prejudices in check.   The 34th is no exception.  Naivety and loyalty to his childhood mentor puts Officer Shawn Baker, the new, very young rookie cop's career and the integrity of the precinct at risk.   His partner, Eddy Weeks, handsome, serious, intense, tries to navigate the waters for him, but finds himself in a dark place after a controversial high profile shooting.   Seasoned cop, Danny Santos, protective of his fellow officers, but can't save his wife who makes a very personal decision without him.  His partner, Tonya Larson, twenty-six, loyal beautiful, compassionate, tries to bring understanding and comfort to her partner, knowing all to well finding peace comes at a price often hard to live with.   Complicated relationships run as high up the ladder as City Hall.  Captain Matthew Stern's personal relationship with the city's strong-willed, brilliant and stunning, ADA Taylor Young, combined with the political aspirations of her boss, brings unwanted drama to the 34th precinct's doorstep.  The city's Mayor has a soft spot for the 34th precinct and a good relationship with its Captain.  The Mayor understands the weight of the job in a political climate constantly being wound up by the new Commander and Chief.  Ron Langston came from the wrong side of the bridge to take office.  His loyalty to his childhood friend, millionaire music promoter and popular club owner Quincy "Q" Harris, a man comfortable on both sides of the bridge, threatens his legacy.  
HUDSON will bring some of today's hottest young actors together with US Hip Hop royalty adding to the richness and complexity of theHudson landscape. 
The heartbeat of the 34th precinct is sometimes on life support, but always on duty.

Sasha Stoltz

Have Faith Productions

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