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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, January 2, 2017


As you know, we here at Apex Coture like to focus on Black owned clothing lines and fashion designers. Well we have somebody special we'd like you to meet. Ms Kimberly Goldson one of the hardest working fashion designers in the industry. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY she was driven to Dublin, Ireland which is a very interesting story we'd rather she tell...

Being born a Brooklyn baby I had no idea of where my life would take me. Then being a little girl who loved playing dress up I didn’t know how many women I would eventually dress. Now I’m a grown woman who’s a full time designer and my path has taken me to places far beyond my fashionable dreams. 
In May the map of my life led me from Brooklyn, NY to Dublin, Ireland as I was invited to feature my designs at the Dipili Boutique. “An eclectic boutique in Dublin’s city center featuring a collection of beautiful pieces from emerging and established designers from around the globe”. Founded by a dynamic pair with roots in the US, Africa and Europe, the three of us intersected in a most powerfully stylish way for a three day event including a press preview, personal meet & greet and trunk show.

Dublin welcomed me with classically cool architecture, cosmopolitan crowds and inspiring sights that made this Brooklyn woman’s heart open with a home away from home love. It was like I was floating on the River Liffey through the city to the doors of the boutique with my designs beautifully displayed on elegant mannequins, perfectly placed racks and in framed photographs lining the walls of the fabulous space.

The mix of a sleek boutique, trendsetting Irish locals and my designs created a great milestone in my life. It's one thing to travel around the globe for vacation. But to travel as a designer with my collections was a wonderful blessing. Special thanks to Dipili owners, Alma & Charlie, photography from Black Steam Media, Tara Mulhare and the city of Dublin. As a music lover, it all puts me in mind of lyrics from the song "City of Blinding Lights" by Dublin band U2 which sings...

You can read the rest at her blog on her official site here

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