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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


D.L Warfield of GOLDFINGER c.s, has conceptualized everything artistic for some of today’s hottest artists including Usher, Outkast, T.I, Pink, TLC, Keri Hilson, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Yelawolf, Young Jeezy, Nick Cannon, and Justin Bieber as the modern day urban Picasso responsible for visually branding over 700 million dollars in sales releases his latest project The American Flag Remixed, a collection of mixed media flags inspired by
America's diverse history

(Los Angeles, California – December 19, 2016)  The name was first made famous by Ian Flemming, whose global super-villain named Auric Goldfinger serves as the inspiration for the title of James Bondʼs classic film, and whose love for gold is the central driving force behind his quest to dominate the world. When Derrick Lee Warfield, founder of GOLDFINGER c.s, named his company, he was actually motivated by a different individual – King Midas. According to Greek legend, Midas was made king by the will of the people, and is historically known for his alchemist ability to turn anything he touched into gold.

Citing his inspirations as Miles Davis, Muhammad Ali, No 2. Pencils, Afrika Bambaata, Pablo Picasso, Bruce Lee, Ben Franklin, anything black, blank paper, Turbo & Shabadoo, Portuguese Love, lava lamps, The Jetsons, Salma Hayek, comic books, SUV’s, Christopher Walken, James Bond, Langston Hughes, Quentin Tarantino, Kool-Aid, Fed Ex, Ginseng, traffic, low interest rates, Don Cheadle, Darwin, moonwalking, Madonna, banana peels, Steve Jobs, Hype Williams, Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, shark week, graffiti and gel deodorant, Warfield's eclectic taste of colorful fighters, musicians, authors, muses, filmmakers and overnight delivery services have lent themselves at one point or another to his creative career trajectory.

In 2012 Warfield shifted from creating fine art, to what he deemed "pop art"- which included innovative images of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali and Jimi Hendrix. The paintings began filling the homes of notables including Usher Raymond, T.I., L.A Reid, Future, Dallas Austin, NFL Football Player Takeo Spikes and NASCAR's Matt Kenseth while appearing at galleries/exhibitions including Miami Art Basel, Studio B in Atlanta, Evolve the Gallery in Sacramento, Gallery at NYU, Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia, Atlanta Olympic Games, Camille Love Gallery, Time Life Building, Mosa Center and Ibids Gallery in St. Louis, Chicago Cultural Center, American Illustration Gallery, Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville and Dupont Corporate Gallery. Warfield is also currently designing cover artwork for upcoming albums including Young Jeezy's Church in These Streets and Rich Homie Quan's Rich As in Spirit.

For 2015 Warfield is introducing his latest artistic assortment, "The American Flag Remixed."Using mediums such as metal, wood, Levi's denim, leather iron and mercury glass the flags represent his various interpretations of American life. The flags appeal to corporate and hip-hop culture, to people who openly criticize America and its contradictions, and to people who embrace those inconsistencies.

When Betsy Ross stitched the first flag in 1776 she created an iconic image that has been able to stand the test of time. Although it’s been modified slightly over the past 230+ years, the foundation of the design has remained the same. By the nature of our mere existence, everything evolves and what doesn’t evolve naturally is sometimes modified, customized and improved upon. Not all Americans are into change but most of them usually want things their way because America is a nation of dreamers that still like to ask “What if?” Those two words are the catalyst that are driving Warfield's new body of work comprised of Remixed American Flags. The flags are meant to show what Americans feel like at times while holding true to the spirit and structure that the United States of America was built upon.

Warfield says, "When I think of America, like many traditional historians I think about the principles and structure it was founded on. As an artist, what I love about our history is that we were founded by rebels. A group of men and women that challenged the establishment and were willing to die for what they believed in while holding on to the dream of “What If?” My flags, like Americans are all different and custom fabricated to represent different passions, genres, ideas and cultures. No matter the color, fabric or design, they all scream I AM AMERICA"

Rapper T.I. already owns three of the flag pieces including "The United States of Boom" and "The United States of Mi' Familia" which is based on Warfield's own culturally diverse family. Usher Raymond sought out the flag "United States of Cool" while executives for Levi's Strauss, Ford Motors and Paypal boast pieces from the new collection. Atlanta restaurants such as Gio Di Palma's Little Italy and 10 Degrees South have also commissioned custom-designed flags.

Ultimately, Warfield's remixed flags represent a new America, which speaks across societal barriers.

To Purchase Artwork Visit:

About DL Warfield:

D.L Warfield has created iconic album cover artwork including Outkast's Aquemini andATLiens, TLC's Fanmail, Usher's Confessions and Here I Stand, Toni Braxton's Secrets, Pink'sCan't Take Me Home, and Yelawolf's Radioactive as well as acting as creative director forStankonia and 8701. The former resident Art Director for LaFace Records who in 2000 encouraged the young songstress Pink to dye her hair to match her moniker has worked with some of today's hottest recording artists, simultaneously elevating his own reputation and gathering high level recognition throughout the music industry.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, D.L has added work for corporations like Nike, Sprite, Heineken, Anheuser-Busch, Geffen Records, Def Jam, Sony Latin Entertainment, DreamWorks Records, Nintendo, MTV, Sony Music, Universal Records, Arista Records, HBO, Virgin Records, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Vibe Magazine, and automotive giant GMC to it’s roster of past, present and future clients, making his company a favorite among moguls. Whether inheriting accolades from Timberland, securing finalist positions in Hennessy’s Black Masters Art Competition, being awarded Bacardi Liquor’s “Cultural Architect” or designing posters for the launch of The Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, D.L. has his hands in just about everything.  Other awards include Print Magazine Regional Designer Winner, and How Magazine Design Excellence Award.

Although world domination was not necessarily the motivating factor when D.L started working as a Creative Gun for Hire, his undisputed ability to exceed even the highest standards of creativity has made the St. Louis native a legend in his own time. He has proven himself time and time again to be among the most consistent creative minds in branding, design, product and content development, youth culture, advertising and marketing, always bringing unique perspective and intense energy.
As a result, his reputation has evolved from artistic mastermind to celebrated idea leader, revered in and beyond the South East region. While D.L may be the total opposite of the James Bond movie character, GOLDFINGER c.s. he’s undoubtedly making an indelible mark as one of the most renowned and respected designers in the global creative community. With an impressive range of abilities that include graphic design, fine art, fashion and furniture design and merchandising, it is easy to recognize that as suggested by the name of his company, GOLDFINGER C.S., D.L. Warfield has the Midas touch.

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