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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Saturday, October 22, 2016



  If you have a sense of what hip hop is and have respect for those before us who have paved the way and opened these doors for us unlike these lil punk ass jits who they put in the forefront then you are definitely in for a got damn treat.

Orlando's Persyce Apollo ain't tryna fit in, he has his own lane. If yeen know, you bout to find out in this dope ass interview and album stream. 

ACMD:Yo Yo! Wassup up with ya Persyce Apollo?! Let the people know who you are and where you from..

PA:  Whats Koolin? My Name is Persyce Apollo, or Syce , Or P. lol, Im from Orlando Florida Born and raised!

ACMD: So let's get straight to it. Talk to us about this dope ass album you just dropped. What inspired the concept?

PA: What inspired In Genius was from a lot of people telling me musically that I was a genius, now by far did or do I see my self as a genius, just one who is a child of music! In Genius is also inspired by a lot off trees, and addys lol,  my family is jamaican an chinese, so thats where the reggae influence comes from, my dad use to walk around the house singing old dennis brown and yellow man tunes and it just stuck wit me!

ACMD: Give us an idea of the reasoning behind the titles of some of the songs and which ones are significant to you.

PA: Well Nobody Move, is based off me Robbing the Game setup to seem as if we were robbing a store or a bank!  , Addicted is based off women that get sucked into me, and can't let go, they seem as if they are drug addicts for me lol, Rita well thats my baby but you have to hear the song to understand why! You, me & money is definitely one of my favorites, its about finding that chick thats all about getting money like you are, an can add to the table as well! s/o to my home girls Blaje an Benny Renee, who came through wit me on the record !

ACMD: You have a sound that is genuinely unique and in it's own lane. Tell these zombies how you would dare to do such a thing in a day and age where the industry is monkey see monkey do. (No originality at all)

PA: I'm Me. Thats all! Period!  I can't ask anyone to do anything else but to be them selves! every rapper looks and sounds the same nowadays I almost went down that path thinking thats what I need to do! but with real niggas around like my homies La Woodgrain and Mouce, they always believed in me and told me to just DO ME! and I Love them niggas for that!

ACMD: Talk to us about the producers and features on the album.

PA: I Persyce Apollo produced 95% of the album from the beats to the arrangements to the recording, mixing & mastering!  Money was Produced By Nemesis A dope producer I met a week before the album dropped he had that one beat and I was like BET! Sandman is Produced by Hypnotic Music another really talented producer!

All the features on the album were picked based off their sound  and talent as a producer in Orlando I want to be able to set up platforms for other artist I feel are dope in the city!

ACMD: So you are a fellow Orlando native. You definitely stand out from the norm on the music scene in the "O". How are you feeling about where we stand as a city and growing force in the industry?
PA: I feel we as a city are over flowing with talent, however seems like orlando is more of a breeding ground for great artist but we have to take our music outside the city and even the state to get a little more recognition ! there is also a lot of trash artist but they grind hard and put money behind them selves to get noticed and it works! nowadays you can't be just talented , you have to have a business and determined mind to get where you are trying to Go!

ACMD: So what's next for Persyce Apollo? Any tours or upcoming events associated with this album? Also any websites or social media links you wanna throw in here to make your brand available to the fans?

PA:Whats next is I flood the streets and the social airwaves with music , I have vault of songs ready to go! they say consistency is key, well I'm about to drawn these muthafucks until they have to let me in ! someone once told me I was too humble, and at that time I was, but now I'm running a studio that majority of Orlando works out of! we have the best sound, a new sound and my team won't stop tip we are on top!

I do have a website
All my social Media is the same @persyceApollo

ACMD: We appreciate you rockin with the home team publication! We support who support us so you are now a part of our Royal Family. Throw them S/o's to your people and let the people know what magazine you rockin with!!

PA:  Thank you so much ! Apex Coture Magazine All day thank you for the blessing and support you guys will forever have mine!

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