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Friday, July 8, 2016


Name: Xotic Yesenia
Travel: Yes
Height:5' 5"
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Grey
Skin Color:Medium Tan
Model Type:fashion/glamour
MUA : 

IG: @ExoticYesenia

Model Type:Fashion/glamour

Measurement: 34-26-38 
Nationality: Latina 
Hometown: NY
# Years Modeling: 4  

ACMD: What would you say has been your biggest obstacle in modeling? 

YS: My height 

ACMD: Are you a full-time model or working woman? 

YS: Both 

ACMD: Why do you feel man and women have a desire for you? 

YS: Because of my looks, body, personality, attitude, and the way I carry myself.  
ACMD: Tell us about your love life. 

YS: No love life

ACMD: Where is the craziest place modeling has allowed you to be? 

YS: Not yet  

ACMD: How do you get along with other women? 

YS: I'm really cool so I get along with women as long as their friendly And nice.            
ACMD: How long have you been modeling and WHAT got you started? 

YS: 4years. I started after I did a video shoot with S1 FT Lumidee "WOAH" and just everyone that will see me in the streets in general would tell me I should model or would ask if I model. Also, when I was young I would always watch American next top model. 

ACMD: Do you have any other hobbies besides modeling? 

YS: Acting and dancing.

ACMD: If someone wants to book YOU for a hosting gig how would One do that? 

YS: They would contact my manager  VINCENT at

ACMD: Any last words for readers and other models? 

YS: With a positive attitude and a determined spirit, I will continue to start new projects to pursue my dreams. Thank you to all my supporters.MY MANAGER, I KNOW I GIVE HIM HELL BUT I KNOW HE HAS MY BACK AND MY BEST INTEREST  XOXO

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