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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016



    It's always an honor to be among the most beautiful women in the world but it's even better when they have "IT". Total package and humbled with the responsibility, this young woman is preparing to be the next big star! 

   Just one look and listen will have you in agreement. Not to be labeled or put into a box it would be shameful to place limitations on this songbird. She already has the sufficient experience to open up the floodgates for many blessing in the industry. Now she's taking calculated steps to ensure her success and looking damn good while she does it.

   Of course we sat down and chopped it up with her and it was great to be able to get to know a lil about her. We got the dope exclusive interview and the video to her new single "Gold".. (Twitter Let's get wet! 

ACMD: Well we finally got the beautiful songbird Amanda Jay!! How are you doin?

AJ: I am phenomenal, life is treating me so good, God is blessing me and I'm just happy to be apart of Apex Coture this month. 

ACMD: The people would love to know where you're from and a bit about you. Tell us your nationality. You're absolutely gorgeous!!

AJ:  I'm originally from Brentwood, New York but I moved down to south florida while I was in middle school and eventually found my way to Jacksonville. I'm Puerto Rican and music has been an outlet for me since I was a child. I appreciate the compliment and I remain humble in blessed with that reminder every single day. 

ACMD: So you holdin down our second home Duval county. I can dig that!

AJ: Absolutely, I'm right here. 

ACMD: Tell us about your experiences opening up for Diggy simmons, Twista, and K michelle. I know that had to have an impact on your ambition..

AJ: Those experiences were pivotal moments in my career. It was on those same stages that I realized my potential as a performer and also, what it takes to be apart of this industry. It made me work harder and strive to be a greater self. I started vocal lessons and running more for endurance. It really opened my eyes.

ACMD: I know that had to be amazing. There's no genre of music that can claim you is what's buzzin. Is there a way you can break down your gift and how you deliver it without being put into a box?

AJ: Honestly. I hate being confined to a box. I love R&B and thats my soul and passion because I looked up to Lauryn Hill, Sade and and Erykah Badu. But then Beyonce came along and ripped every stage. You had Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, Carry Underwood, Keyshia Cole, all amazing vocalists with a different flavor. This is when I realized how raw a voice can be because everyone can sound so different. I just realized that I had to sit down and just write. You can't aim for anything . Just be who you are and the rest will follow by the blessings of God.

ACMD: Thank you for breaking that down for us. Tell us about this hot single and video "Gold"

AJ: Gold is a huge deal to me. Many times, as an artist in this industry we get stripped down to the bare minimum of ourselves and we get dressed up to please whatever is marketable. I felt like I was a barbie doll for what people expected of me rather then who I really was. This song is basically saying that on the surface, everything looks put together but while reflecting in the mirror, I didn't see me, I saw someone else.
The lyrics are self explanatory "Spent a couple hours getting right for everybody else, but I looked into the mirror and I didn't recognize myself." Its an anthem to battle the media and our plastic selves. I figured it would be fun because the beat was serious so I knew I had to come hard. 

ACMD: Is there an album or mixtape in the works? We are so ready. Also tell us of any upcoming projects, tours/shows we can be looking out for..

AJ: Yes! Yes and another yes. I did a live Facebook session last week and the fans asked for an album. I've talked with my producer and it's about to go down. My website is also being launched soon so get ready for that. Once that is launched I will post bookings and information. 

ACMD: As I'm sure you know, right now America's racial tensions are at an all time high if you ask me. Will you be able to help ease the pain with your music?

AJ: Hell yeah! I'm tired of people defining each other by a skin tone. If we were blind folded, that wouldn't even be an option. Music has always been therepuetic to me and I think it's time we bring that back for a change. 

ACMD: We truly appreciate you taking the time out to talk with us. At this time you can give some shout outs to your family/team and let the people know what magazine you rockin with!!

AJ: Aye man I appreciate the opportunity. I have to take a moment to shoutout all of my fans, my aunt Katie, My sisters, My grandmother and grandfather for always being there. I have to thank anyone who has had a hand in my career and invested their time and energy to make me look and feel like the part. Duval is stock full of stylists, hair and makeup artists and people ready to lend a hand if you're dedicated. You already know I'm rocking with the one and only, Apex Coture! 


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