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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, April 8, 2016



  You'd want to know about Danielle Mitchell. We are speaking of someone who fights for us in such a graceful and elegant manner. Who better to be pedestaled as a leader and face (a very pretty one at that) of a Powerful Black Movement? When you find out the details of what this beautiful young woman putting forth successfully you will want, no you will NEED to support and join her cause. Because her cause is OUR cause. This is Greatness that you would not want to miss the opportunity of being a part of. This is Black Girl Magic used to enhance the quality of the lives of young Black women and as a result an enhancement on the lives of Black People as a whole.

 Oh yeah, this Average Black Girl can and IS doing all of that. You see, black girls are far from average. And she is gonna break all of these amazing elements down to you in this Exclusive Cover story Interview. Open your hearts and mainly your minds to absorb some of the best information to plant the seed of Growth, Ownership, Black Excellence, Pride and Love for the people that look like you. We are about to take you there. Let's get into Ms. Danielle Mitchell..

    ACMD: I am so excited to be working with this beautiful Black woman of power. "Average Black Girl" is the bridge that connects us back to who we were. Please introduce yourself.

DM: My name is Danielle Mitchell and I am a Marketing Professional. I obtained a degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In addition, I have completed the Harvard Business School CORe Readiness program. It covers Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting.

My professional experience includes working with major brands such as Coca-Cola Refreshments, Miami Dolphins, Big Ten Athletics and L’Oreal Cosmetics. I have a passion for marketing and enjoying turning ideas into reality. I am also very passionate about the black community worldwide and hope to be a change agent for my generation. 

ACMD: First of all I'd like to thank you for what you're doing. this is something much needed and in these times where we are beginning to wake up, we must capitalize on it. Please tell us what made you start this movement.

DM:  I was living in Orlando FL when Travon Martin was killed and his case forever changed my life.  About 2 years ago, I became extremely passionate about the injustice occurring, not only in the world, but in my own backyard. I got so frustrated with signing petitions and following movements, but seeing no fruits of that labor. So I thought to myself: I have a degree in Marketing and Management, I have the work experience to match my education, so why not utilize my skills set for my own personal business branding that makes a difference? Marketing allows me to fulfill my creative spirit while using my social media platforms and relationships to create an end result that will benefit the Melanin community.

ACMD: Give a bit of history of how the importance of Black Ownership dates back to Black Wall Street and other examples of us having our own businesses resonates with the NEED to get back there fully today as we are portrayed as lazy and we only own Car washes and Hair salons etc.

In 1900, many blacks migrated to Tulsa, Oklahoma. By 1920, there  were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half-dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. On June 1, 1921, the US Government bombed Black Wallstreet leaving 3,000 African Americans dead, and over 600 successful businesses lost. 

In New York, there was another affluent black community called Seneca Village founded in 1825. In 1853, the Government pushed them this place now Central Park. Today, African Americans own businesses in every industry and have proven that there is a demand for our products and services and we have the ability to run successful businesses.

ACMD: So in your travels around the world, what are some of the things you've experienced to that supplemented your drive in this movement?

DM: I have visited Australia, Haiti, Brasil, and the Dominican Republic to name a few. I notice in every country that Melanin people or people of African Descent were there prior to "slavery."
The same holds true in America.  For example, there is a pyramid in Illinois called Monks Mound.  It was built by Black Indigenous people before Slavery. Everywhere I go, I hear the same story, yet Melanin people have been mistreated and regarded as second class citizens.

ACMD: Tell us about you working with Black owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs such as Apex Coture.

DM: My company is called Melanin Business. The first project under that company is a database of black-owned businesses called Under the umbrella of Melanin Business is my brand Average Black Girl and The Above Average Program. With Average Black Girl, I promote black-owned businesses on my Youtube Channel: Average Black Girl, my Blog at and I am a marketing coach working with black businesses. I offer 1:1 strategy sessions and my feature program The Above Average Program. 

Above Average Program is coaching program where I help push people toward their goals. This program is used to turn an idea into a functioning reality. We are looking for two types of people. The first type of person has had an idea for a while and they are finally ready to put some action to it and start creating a business. The second type of person already has a business, but is ready to put together a plan to take their business to the next level. 

ACMD: I love the way you detail your response to this question so I must ask, Who/What is and Average Black Girl?

There is nothing average about a black girl. She is the mother of mankind. The Bible references Jesus with skin of burnt brass, which is chocolate and hair of wool, which is black textured hair. There is nothing average about that. We built the pyramids, we pioneered innovations in science, created great works of literature, accomplished great successes in history and breathed life in the arts. Simply put. The Average Black Girl is nothing short of phenomenal.

ACMD: Talk about the "Core Values" of an Average Black Girl.

“Discrediting stereotypes concerning the quality and value of products and services provided by Black-Owned Businesses and expanding the economy of the Black community through encouragement of investing consumer resources into Black-Owned Businesses.”

Core Values:

Average Black Girl wants to encourage people to take the first step to follow their dreams and take accountability for their life. Average Black girl shares my story, healthy tips and hosts healthy positive giveaways. Average Black Girl wants to see more positive content in the media for Black people, so Average Black Girl is my contribution to the change I want to see.

ACMD: You have an amazing website! Tell the people about it and how you're using it to further progress in this movement.

DM:  My website contains the following:
  • My page called Average Black Girl Channel where viewers can watch my youtube videos on the site.
  • My Average Blog Site which contains two categories where I am helping melanin businesses.
  • The Average Black Girl Spotlight. Here I am featuring individuals or groups doing amazing things.
  • My Black Owned Business category where I feature businesses. Currently, businesses may contact me at admin@melaninbusiness and include their blog and header pic and I can post to my site. If you are reading this, I would love to have you featured! Don't forget to include your social media handles. 

ACMD: Everything you do should be held up to its value and here at Apex Coture we will continue to support you and what you do. In fact, you guys can look forward to us working together very soon and it will be featured on her site as well as ours. We can't wait! You are just a lovely ray of sunshine and the positive nature of your ora illuminates. Thank you for making the connection and working with us. Together I believe we will pave an open road to ownership and prosperity for Black People as a whole. If there is anyone you'd like to shout out please do. Any last remarks, let em flow. Also let them know what magazine you rockin with!

DM:  I would like to give a special shout out to my parents Dwayne and Debra Mitchell. They have been so supportive in my journey to step outside of Corporate America and to pursue my dreams full time. I am forever grateful for the love and support you two continue to give me. 

I want everyone to know that I am rocking with Apex Coture Magazine! 

Danielle Mitchell 
CEO I Melanin Business 
Youtube I AverageBlackGirl I 708-280-3332

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Cover Story article and interview conducted by Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine

IG @ApexCotureMag

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