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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, March 18, 2016


    Hello everyone, my name is Olivia Smith. My friends call me Classyliv, Liv, Livy, Olli, get the picture; however feel free to call me any of those names, as by the end of this bio I’m pretty sure we’ll be best friends! =)
    I was born November 3, 1991 in Miami Florida, you know where it’s always summer time and nothing but sunshine blah-blah-blah. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I love Florida don’t get me wrong however; it is the most BIPOLAR state I have ever lived in… (It’s the only state I’ve ever lived in, but that’s beside the point) One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s pouring cats and dogs. Humidity level is through the roof, so bye-bye soft and luscious curls and HELLO FRIZZ. Other than that Florida’s pretty cool, I’m not too far from the beach and not to mention DISNEY WORLD… talk about F-U-N…. FUN!

    Fast-forwarding a few years you’re probably wondering why I have my own bio, well the answer is simple… because I’m F###ING AMAZING THAT’S WHY!!! LOL, =D ……No but seriously I’m a Makeup Artist, MUA for short. I developed a passion for it in high school and it gradually got better through the years. I have a thirst for all things entertainment-wise. Acting, Modeling, and Makeup all three play hand in hand; it really depends on how you work it. Currently, I’m pursuing Makeup and building a brand for myself, I do extra work here and there and a few short films for local producers.
I have so much more to tell you, but then again I can’t just give you the 411 about Classyliv like that. You’ll have to buy me dinner first!

ACMD: Hold up a sec! We're intrigued and wanna know more! First of all, where do you like to eat?

OS: Oh man! Where do I start…hmmm. I love going to “Benihana,” they cook your food right in front of you. Not to mention “The Dubliner Irish Pub” I always order the Grilled Salmon with extra dill cream sauce. Yo pause for a minute…You ever noticed when you ask people for extra anything, they look at you like you asked for their firstborn child….like it’s impossible to make “EXTRA” happen. I can’t with some people these days LOL.

ACMD: I always want something extra and free might I add. I just love your personality and energy. Ever thought about hosting your own talk show?

OS: Funny you’d ask that. My friends are always saying I should have my own talk show because I’m always giving them life and whatnot. I learn from other people’s mistakes and of course my own as well. So when you mix that, with the word of God, everything makes sense, and people get empowered.
ACMD: You learn from others' mistakes as well? Me to. Scorpio much? You definitely have the beauty to model. Have you been published or got anything in the works as far as modeling goes?

OS: Thank you! Currently, I’m working on my fitness getting toned so that I can approach these agencies the right way. Anything over a size 10 is considered Plus Size. With that being said, I’ve viewed some of the models on their sites and although most of them are bigger than me, they’re toned AS f#%K! So I gotta step my game up if I wanna play with the big dogs. But to answer your question, No nothing published as of yet, I am looking for a really good agency to sign with though.

ACMD: From what I can see you should be acting. What genre of films would you like to get into?

OS: OMG acting is my first love! Even before the makeup and modeling. I was 13 when Acting and I fell in love, we’ve been together ever since. It’s more about the film itself rather than the genre. I really don’t have a type. I like my films how I like my men, If I like what I see it sparks my curiosity, but once I read the synopsis you either have my attention or you don’t …It’s that simple.

ACMD: Nice breakdown. Hear that guys? Well, I guess we got enough for now! Is there anyone you'd like to s/o? If so please holla!!

OS: Of course! First and for most I would like to thank God for embedding these talents in me and allowing me to put them to use. My mom and dad for always believing in me. My sister Jessica for being there for me when it counts. My Boyfriend for making up for the things that I lack and my true Ride or Die friends Melina, Simon, Nikkie, and Brandy.

I look forward to going on this journey and having everyone that’s reading this join me for the ride. Yall are my day one Ninjas!!
I love you all and thank you for having me. If you want a sneak peek into my life

Follow me on Instagram @Classyliv
Subscribe to my YouTube channel: DeuxMUA

ACMD: OMG Liv we love you!! We thank you for your time and will enjoy some of your videos!!

Article was written by Olivia Smith. 

Interview conducted by Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine
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Unknown said...

That Olivia is one hot babe

Apex Coture Magazine said...

Yes she is!!

Unknown said...

She's talented, funny and smokin hot! No doubt she will be extremely successful!

Apex Coture Magazine said...

We are proud to be a part of her road to success. That's what we do here at Apex Coture. Thank you for your input :)





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