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Monday, March 21, 2016


   Even though I'm from the south I grew up listenin to Hip Hop generated from coast to coast from top to bottom. Mobb Deep happened to be one of my favorite duos from Queens. I gotta say I really miss this type of New York Hip Hop where these niggas stick to their sound. It's aite when them niggas come south, move to Atlanta or Miami and start rappin all over southern type beats but that shit ain't authentic. They just tryna be relevant with what's "Hot" but that shit waters down the sound that we fell in love with. The homie Prodigy holdin the formula and the shit is nostalgic. It sounds like New York. That's what we want. You from New York, be from New York. Keep your sound. Stop sellin yaself out. Stop sellin ya state out. Get this shit here if you want some of that pure Queens, New York grit..

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