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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Monday, January 11, 2016



 Such is the case with the man of the hour Tre Trimz. You are about to be presented with Greatness. Handle this information with care. Be uplifted and inspired. Let's do it! 

ACMD: We are honored to be featuring one of the Hottest Barbers the world has seen. Someone who's taken the high road in marketing and building brands meanwhile continuing his works of art via his secret weapon. His clippers! We are speaking of Mr. Aaron Davis lll better known as Tre Trimz. What up homie! Give a holla to the Apex Coture Subscribers!

TT: What's good Apex Coture family...I appreciate the opportunity to discuss a little bit about myself and the Tre Trimz brand.
 ACMD: So I'm gon dig right in.We can see from your work that you have an extraordinary skill with them clippers. I've never seen such art carved in someone's head. What influenced the creation and gave you the mind to just go for it?

TT: I've always felt that I was creative growing up as kid and I've always liked unique things.  I've always took a liking to abstract art because it catches the eye in a different view.  That's what I try to focus letting my mind go and being unique and different.

ACMD: Word I can dig that. So you started cutting at the age of 12. Plenty of experience. How has your mother's over 30 years of cosmetology helped to shape your career?

TT: I was a shop baby...Lol.  I grew up in the industry seeing my mothers work over the years...honestly cutting hair just came natural to me.  I was birthed with a gift from God and I just try give back through my gift with continued education in the industry, staying focused, and trying to exceed my customers expectations daily.

 ACMD: And you've won awards. Please share...

TT: I've had the opportunity to compete in several barber competitions.  I've won or placed in 8 competitions.  My greatest achievement was the Andis Total Look competition in February of 2015 at the Bronners Bros International Hair Show in Atlanta where I placed 3rd out 40 of the best barbers across the country.  That achievement let me know that I was on the right track and that I could make a name for myself in the industry.

ACMD: Congrats on your successes. Tell us about your building brands and marketing. That's my kinda stuff right there. I'm sure that supplements your Barber movement...

TT: Absolutely, branding and marketing is my thing.  I feel like that's what separates you from the next in this industry. I've always felt that a clean image never goes out of style and that's  how I brand myself. Branding and marketing as you know is all about consistency, visibility, staying relevant, most importantly being unique and different. That's what I focus on!

 ACMD: Glad to be working with you. We can definitely make some power moves. Any Hair shows competitions or show casings comin up for you? What are you currently working on so that we may keep the ppl posted?

TT: Likewise.  Absolutely... I look forward to it.  In February of this year I plan on competing at Bronner Bros. again to go for 1st place in the Andis Total Look competition.  I plan on attending more shows across the country to expand my network and continued education.  I'm always a student can never learn enough. I also have a few shows to attend where I was asked to judge.  Currently I'm working on my own Straight razor to expand my brand.  I feel like it's needed...all barbers and or stylists could use it or keep it for a collection item.  I plan on releasing it in the 2nd quarter of this year and I will continue to grow and expand from there.

ACMD: We are totally looking forward to your future endeavors. We thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Give your ppl a some shout outs and let em know what magazine you rockin with!!
TT:  Likewise...thank you for the opportunity.  I look forward to working with you in the near future as well.  

First I want to thank God for the gift and the opportunities that has been given to me.  I want to thank my wife and my parents for all their support. 

I gotta give a shout out to barbers I look up to and have helped me in my career Roney Boyd, Tone McGill, Eric Cheeks, Kenny Duncan, J Valentine, Michael Muhammed and John K. Ruff.  These guys are some heavy hitters in the industry when you talk about barbering.  I appreciate all of them for noticing my talent and helping me progress in the industry.

I'm rockin with with Apex Coture Magazine one of the best magazines on the Planet.

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Interview and Article by Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magzine 

Instagram @ApexCotureMag


Let's HANG OUT said...

Great article, as an industry professional (stylist) we know great work when we see it. I've been following Tre' over the past few months on instagram his work has made me take a second look at my clipper cuts on some of my short clients. Thus wanting to train under him. To shine in a competive industry where you can't make a mistake is admirable. He shines with his cuts and pix. He eye for detail and precision not to mention experience; im sure is worth every penny. Keep up the great work Tre' and i am thoroughly enjoying your magazine.

Apex Coture Magazine said...

Thank you so much for your support and we're glad you're enjoying our magazine. Tre is an extraordinary man and we applaud that at Apex Coture. Tell your friends and colleagues about us!!

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