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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lil Wayne Beefed In Club Before Bus Shooting

BY  · APRIL 28, 2015

Before having both his tour buses shot up, Lil Wayne got  into it with several audience members during a club performance at Compound in Atlanta.
According to nightclub sources who spoke to TMZ, Weezy had a “heated showdown” with some men in the crowd. The hecklers were booted, and Wayne picked up extra security before leaving the club.
Minutes after he did, his buses were shot on. The vehicles that the gunfire came from were described as “possibly a Corvette-style vehicle and an SUV.”
Luckily, none of the dozen people in the two buses were injured. In fact, it’s still unclear if Wayne was in either bus.
The police haven’t named any suspect yet, but are said to be looking in to what happened at the club right before the shooting.

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