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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jay-Z Wins Lawsuit Over ‘Life and ‘Times of S Carter’ and ‘The Dynasty’ Masters

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Jay Z may be one of the best and most successful rappers in the game, but even he can fall victim to legal drama. Hov has been fighting to get his masters back from former sound engineer Chauncy Mahan since last year, and finally a judge has awarded in Jay Z’s favor.
Mahan took hostage of two Roc-A-Fella albums, The Life and Times of S. Carter andThe Dynasty, tried to claim ownership and stashed the music in a California storage facility.  Even though the cops came through and took the masters back, Mahan still decided to sue Jay Z and Roc Nation last July because sometimes you just have to shoot your shot . Overall, there were 41 tracks, 31 with Jay and 10 with Beanie Sigel.
Still, the judge decided that Mahan waited too long to sue, and so Jay Z wins againand now he owns all 41 tracks outright.

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