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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kevin Gates Fought At Least Two Female Fans Last Night [VIDEO]

BY  · MARCH 30, 2015

Just when we thought Kevin Gates couldn’t shock us anymore, he’s gone and done it again.
In the past, he’s grabbed our attention with his Instagram antics, which include all sorts of taboo sex and — most recently — a less than sophisticated take down of President Obama.
But last night during a show in Flint, Michigan he used his fists to do the shocking.
Apparently, Gates believed a female fan was grabbing at his pockets. So he elbowed her a couple times and then allegedly punched her in the face.
“I was physically assaulted by rapper Kevin Gates. He also put his hands on 2 other females who were alleged to have been reaching for his pockets. I was on stage and tried to hand him a bottle of patron while holding a red bull in the other and he decided to elbow me from behind several times and finish by swinging on me and i was pushed off the stage.”
Here is the video TMZ has of the incident. The gossip site also reports Gates fought with another female fan at different point during the show. Despite all this, the police were never called.

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