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Monday, March 16, 2015

Chris Brown Launches Illuminati Clothing Line 'Black Pyramid' To Impress Rihanna? So Says Mark Dice [Video/Pics]

Posted by ChasinDatPaper

Video And Pics After The Jump

Mark Dice is an author, political activist and YouTube personality who writes books and makes videos exposing people he believes are part of  the IlluminatiBilderberg GroupSkull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove.

We last featured one of his videos on the site where he exposed Rick Ross for being in his words "a fake Freemason and identity thief."

Mark has now set his sites on Chris Brown's new clothing line called Black Pyramid.

"The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones, so it’s kinda like an unknown art. So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people," Chris said when talking about his decision to name the clothing line Black Pyramid.

In the clip below, Mark describes Chris' on/off again girlfriend Rihanna as being "one of the most notorious and outrageous satanic singing skanks in the music industry." Mark seems to think Chris' clothing line is an attempt to impress Riri by showing her that he is also down with the Illuminati.
Is this a bunch of nonsense? Is the Illuminati even real? Let us know what you think after watching Mark's video.

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