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Monday, February 2, 2015


William Boston Apparel was established in 2002 by designer William Boston. What first started out as hand painted designs eventually turned into a full line of Luxury Street Wear. The brand has been worn by various celebrities and public figures. Striving to innovate those who enjoy fashion and love being fly. William Boston Apparel does just that, with their captivating designs and swagnificent style of fashion. You can find William Boston Apparel sold at various retailers in Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, NewYork, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and online at

We at Apex Coture caught a glimpse of William Boston Apparel on Instagram (william_boston) and saw a pic of his upcoming Spring 2015 joggers which I must say are a must have. Just go see them for yourself. You guys know that we support Black owned businesses and in this case we will be behind this brand 100%. 

Also being sold in our home base of Jacksonville, Fl be looking for us to cover future fashion shows involving this brand.

Hot Styles for the ladies..

Liberty and Swag

Tank Top swag

For the homies who like to show their physique!!
Go get yours!!

Spotlight by Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright For Apex Coture Magazine

IG: a_tuan_apexcoture

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