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Friday, January 9, 2015


This guy has a good sound. He uses melodic tones and harmony which is not rare these days. The mixtape starts off really gripping and semi uptempo which is awesome up until after track 6 "Popular" feat K-Camp that happens to be a street banga and a song to boost the young fly dudes ego. But after that it does get a bit mushy and harmonic. Not to say that's a bad thing because the quality of the music is good it's just up to your preference and perception. Personally I would have liked more of a balance with more songs like "Lit", "The Man" and "Don't make me" which are some of my favorites.

He has an acquired taste for production mainly dealing with his songs that he's singin on which these days have become a creative gift and curse (referring to some of Drake's tracks). In all I think it works and will work for him. I think with this mixtape he is and will create and touch a fan base exactly for him in his lane so we S/O the homie @SyAriDaKid (follow him on IG and Twitter) and we will be supporting and watching your climb!

Of course we have to allow you to check it out for yourself so listen and download and form your own review! Turn it up loud tho!

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Review by Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine

IG @a_tuan_apexcoture

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