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Monday, January 26, 2015


This album is what R&B has been missing. Soulful, factual, love experiences, gripping, refreshing, modern and Nostalgic.
With every song giving you something you can relate to whether it be a relationship or life. Her voice is crisp and lifting never leaving you without climax.

Being that R&B is in a state of damn near extinction, artists like Jazmine delivering this type of contribution is a revival of the genre in itself. On "Silver Lining" she outlines the mind of someone who has had enough of not having and is at the verge of doing \anything to make sure the bills and babies are takin care of. If you live in the real world you can relate to that. If you live in the "La la" land these rappers were forced to make up you can't. (But yes you can. You livin a damn lie you idiot)

As long as we have her we still have authentic R&B. Without auto tune driven vocals and rappers fuckin up every song. By the way thanks Jazmine for not allowing that on the album. Meek Mill was just enough. You are a blessing for that babe.

Get a preview of the album here then GO BUY IT. Support the artform at it's best!!

Click this link to purchase and leave your thank you in the comment section please. @jsullivanmusic

Review By: Antuan @ApexCotureMag Wright

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