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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Thank you for tuning in to Apex Coture's new show "All Around We Go" where we will be exploring the most beautiful places, parks and attractions to the grimiest hoods and slums. From Florida to New York, Chicago to Cali. We are just getting started. This will be a long journey.

We set it off in the beautiful Altamonte Springs, Fl. north of Orlando to give you an inside look on some of central Florida's laid back cool out culture. From Crane's Roost Lake to Eddie Rose's Amphitheater.. Nice breeze, nice people and you don't really have to worry about niggas ruining your night. If you like that kinda stuff just stay tuned and we will be taking you to the places where niggas do so and do it damn good.

That wasn't the focus for today's episode. We wanted to open you up to a softer side of central Florida. We all like nice things and places. Florida has become the Gunshine state for most outsiders as we have come to rise in the media for violence and people getting away with it. Mind you, that shit hasn't changed at all if anything it's getting worse but here are some places where you'd more than likely not have to worry about that. Just chill and nobody has to get hurt..

We also stopped through Universal City Walk Orlando. We here in the city don't go as much but you out of towners would definitely enjoy it. We have worn this shit out to be quite plain but y'all haven't so pour up the drinks and enjoy the peace with your fellow tourists.

Below are some pics of the night clubs and restaurants thereof inside of City Walk.
Rising Stars
Rising Stars where everyone is a star after a few Long Island Iced Teas
The one and only Bob Marley..

Bob Marley.. Good music, food and drinks.

Fat Tuesday... Eat good..

The Groove... Dance with strangers and rub on their booties. They drunk. They love it..

Article By A-Tuan For Apex Coture Magazine

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