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Sunday, September 7, 2014

G-Unit Talks Young Buck’s Tax Problems, Missy Elliott Sleeping With Olivia + MORE

Do not let the name fool you, 50 Cent wants all his money back when he loans or not. In a recent interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, G-Unit spoke on Young Buck’s prior tax problems, Missy Elliott and Olivia having a sexual relationship and more.
In a July 2012 interview with XXL, Young Buck admitted to having no knowledge of how to pay taxes during his intial run with G-Unit. In the XXL interview Buck stated “I went out and done all these things not knowing that once you make a half a million dollars it’s really 250 ’cause Uncle Sam gets the other half.” In the Breakfast Club interview, Yayo corroborates Buck’s story:
The thing is, you dont have to pay that year. You in a different tax bracket now. So, you paying two years later. Damn, I done spent 200 [thousand] and I owe them [$125,000] and by that time you like ‘Am I making money right now or not?’
Olivia was released from G-Unit in 2007, three years after being signed. Earlier this year, Olivia appeared on The Breakfast Club and stated that 50 Cent was angry “because I wasn’t really at the crib doing a whole bunch of music with the Unit but he heard all the records I did with Miss so he felt some type of way.” 50 does admit that Olivia’s relationship with Missy contributed to her departure, but for different reasons:
I didn’t have no problems. Missy started hitting it, if you really want to know. See, it’s [Olivia's] fault for actually saying that to you. [Angela Yee- "Olivia said that's not true"] Trust me.
Check out the full interview below:

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