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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Location: WESTLAND , Mi
Travel: Yes
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Measurements; 34-28-38
Hair Length: MEDIUM
Eye Color: BROWN

Ethnicity: African American/ Caucasian
Skin Color: LIGHT TAN
Model Type: Fashion/Glamour

   >Height:  5 4”
 >> Measurements: 34 26 40
  >>Hair:  Medium, blonde and Brown and all Brown
  >>Eyes:  Brown
  >>Astrological Sign: Virgo
  >>WhAT TURNS YOU ON? Guys that know how to be respectful to woman and can be a man.
  >>What turns you off? that are full of themselves and try to show off because of it, be real.
  >>What is your favorite position:  cow girl/reverse, doggy style

  >>Goals: I want to be a mom one day, and become a CRNA which is a registered nurse anthesitist so I can support myself and my kids. And of course learn how to be a better model.
  >> Job: Becoming a CRNA or a doctor
  >> Living: CA, FL, or somewhere on the east coast
  >> Dream Guy:  A guy who is sweet, sexy and knows how to make me laugh
  >>Favorite Spots: basketball is my favorite, and of course football.

  >> Place:  Parks in Ann Arbor, the ocean.
  >> Bar/club:  Electricity, necto,
  >> Restaurant:  I love  Red lobster
  >> City: Westland
  >> Coffee shop: Tim Hortons, the bean
  >> Retail store:  Wetseal
  >>Secrets:  I used to be pretty good at basketball when I was in high school
  >> Most embarrassing moment: This one time in kindergarten; all of the kids were playing on the playground at recess.
It had recently rained so there were large puddles everywhere. The boy I had a crush on and some of the other kids were jumping off the play structure over a giant puddle; to a kindergartener it looked like a small lake. Thinking since everyone else made the jump I could do it too. Well unfortunately I was wrong and I landed right in the middle of the puddle, completely drenched. I had to do the walk of shame from the playground to where my teacher was to tell her I made a mistake and needed to have my grandma pick me up from school.
It was a bad day; but I got to leave early so positives.
  >> Nickname:  Arie or Ms.D
  >> Celebrity Crush: Leonardo Decaprio
  >>Favorites:  video games (current favorite is Infamous Second Son on PS4 or animal crossing on 3DS),  I love Game of Thrones and reading books my favorite series to this day is probably the wicked lovely series.
  >> Drink: apple juice, pineapple juice, really any juice.
  >> Food:  Chinese food is my favorite

  >> Music:  I love every kind of music except for country music. Some of my favorite artists are Avenged Sevenfold, Whiz Khalifia, and Kid kudi
  >> Movie: Horror
  >> Perfume:  Pure Seduction by Victoria Secrets
  >>Where can we find you? (upcoming  events/jobs) Well I have a shoot with a magazine coming up and I am in # of them that will be out after my BIRTHDAY SEPTEMBER 18 ,also I have a shoot coming up in HAWAII hopefully cross my fingers and PRAYING .
I would like to thank you APEX COTURE for giving me a chance to be in your DMI ON MY BIRTHDAY THANK YOU I really appreciate the opportunity .I like to thank my S.U.C.H. sisters for their support and MY MANAGER VINCENT LOVE YA for teaching and showing me how to be patient LOVE YOU . I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL MY FANS FOR THEIR SUPPORT AS WELL AS THEIR LOVE .

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