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Sunday, August 24, 2014

ACMD EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes with Peachy Bad Azz

We know you all love Peachy Bad Azz and we do too. We caught up with her Downtown Orlando at Club 23 getting ready to Host The Pretty feet Movement. She had celebrity Nail Tech Lee Smith

along with her and they pulled up in the Phantom with elegance and grace as a Queen and her people should. 

As you may have heard Peachy will be gracing the cover of Apex Coture Magazine October 2014 and it will be all about her and her Bossy Bundles brand

We had a quick talk with her and Lee Smith in this video. Check it out and the rest of our Gallery from the people who came to support the cause.

Roux By Ari
Head Fashion Designer/Stylist
IG @highroux

Follow her Twitter, FaceBook, Youtube and IG all @PeachyBadazz or Peachy Bad azz

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Dakota Unique "All Attitude"
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