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Friday, July 4, 2014


First off, this is straight #SinglePeople music! Right from the start he's letting you know on the first track "Cake" that he has his and wants to eat it too. But honestly I've always thought that if it's my cake, why the hell can't I eat it too? So I definitely feel the homie on that one. On "Foreign" it's a tipical track from someone in his tax bracket but done in a well put together fashion, track is bangin and delivery is precise even on on the remix later on in the album featuring Justin Bieber. JB did his damn thang on there I don't give a shit if he said "Nigga". He could've said it on that song it would've sounded hot!

But the homie Trigga teams up with Mila J on #5 and they get real "Disrespectful". Although I don't agree with that bullshit, the shit sounds HOT!

It's mainly a continuation of the life of a single R&B star. Smashin any chic he want and not wanting to have any restrictions. I think it's awesome!

Other heavy hitters on the album include Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla Sign and Juicy J. Gotta say this one is Apex Coture approved and we put our stamp on it. Go get it!

Oh hold up, here you go. Yeen eeeem gotta go nowhere

If you're in a committed relationship or married and you value it, don't try the shit you hear on this album. Somebody gon be on the news....

Review By: Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine

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