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Monday, March 24, 2014

Dating, Relationships and Marriage by Candace

Dating, Relationships, Marriage are you really ready? Let's start with dating you meet different people and you go out with them a few times start to narrow down the ones that really appeal to you and have the qualities that you are looking for in the next step which is a relationship which is a higher step then dating and requires more work and more giving of yourself. Are you ready? How do u know you ready?
How can u tell if he's/she's the one you want to invest your time and effort into? The thing is that you don't know there is a chance that it may work and it may not but you have to be optimistic to take a chance on faith if he or she has all the qualities that you are looking for why not try. You never know it may lead to the big step the place where most woman would love to be in which is a marriage. Marriage is a big step it's a lot harder than dating or a relationship this is something that 2 people want to be everlasting to build on as one but at the same time maintaining your own true self.
So ask yourself are you really ready to let someone in to your world and be real and true to them and you.

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Column by Candace

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