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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Relationships these days are a puzzle but yet simple if we apply the simple things that make  a successful relationship. Problem is, we tend to make it difficult by not applying simple Trust, Loyalty, Communication, Stability, Security, a sense of humor, Comfort I mean we could go on about the simple things.

But, why is it so hard? Do we like the drama that comes from makin our relationships difficult? Do we really love the person we are in this thing with? Do we want to make them happy or do we want to make ourselves happy? What's or who's happiness is more important? Aren't we in this together? These are questions that we don't need answers to because we have the answers within us. All we need to do is talk. Can we do that?

Apex Coture's Antuan sat down with long time friend and Shadiyha and started a convo series that we would like you all to join in on. It is very important that you do because you will be able to relate, agree, disagree and put in YOUR 2 cents. Use that comment box and give us your input and please understand that we do not accept bias from any of the sexes. We know that it will happen but please try and be open minded as we are attempting to learn how to build these relationships together and no one person knows it all. Check out the audio conversation and lets see what we can learn from one another.. Comment Comment Comment!!


Dia32 said...

My Outlook on relationship is that you going to get out of it as much as you put into it. So if your other half is putting in less than u then walk away u can not build a foundation on something that is uneven.

Unknown said...

People just don't take the time out to know each other no more. They really believe what they feel in the bedroom the first time is real!! People that is called "lust" . Yes sex is an big factor in a relationship but communication and trust is what will build any real relationship. A couple will have there disagreements but you will know how to come together and talk it out.

Unknown said...

Dia32 You right at some point, but sometimes you need to be that back bone and enriched that person (woman or a man). To get it together see I also see it like this when you meet that young lady or young man get into there head ask questions, ask where you see yourself in five years and if they say I don't know don't make an commitment. Reason being if you an person with no goals they will set you back. But if he or she give you there five year goal stick with them some people need that one person to pull them up and say baby we got this lets do it! Now Dia32 you see it you have to be on my level not beneath me. And that's true these days !





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