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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

B.o.B Underground Luxury album Review

If you love Hip Hop, I mean truly love Hip Hop and appreciate the Quality that a "Born to do it" MC dedicates to the art form, then you for one Like or even LOVE B.o.B.....

This album is no different from what you what you would expect his growth to sound like. You can hear the elevation from one album to the next. And his true fans climb with him.. 

He sets the record off tellin you All he wants and follows up with "One Day" like a classical tune paintin the pic for you so vivid that's almost like you lookin for that "One Day" in sequence with the guy. "Paper Route" is a movement in a song followed "Ready" ft Future where them guys teamed up to show you how we work in the south. 

The album is a Classic and a continuation. That's all. HOT Shit... Get it right now


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