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Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyoncé Drops New Album Tonight with No Warning, Surprises Everyone

Is this the future of music?
Without any forewarning, American pop/R&B iconBeyoncé dropped her new self-titled album, featuring 14 songs and a cast of support from husband Jay Z and star performers like Drakeand Frank Ocean.
There’s also a track titled “Blue,” billed as featuring her daughter Blue Ivy on vocals — likely just some goo-goo’ing over a song that will obviously be about her first child.
The album-drop shocked pretty much everyone. Need proof? Just go on Twitter and look at what the average person is talking about. It’s pretty much all Beyoncé right now.
It’s a risky move dropping an album around midnight on a Thursday night, but one has to wonder whether this strategy is the sort of move only the Beyoncés of the world could pull off. And boy does this stifle any of those pesky “leaks,” because, hey, no one had a clue it was coming out.
Click here to check out the tracklist and purchase the album (plus bonus content) for $15.99.
UPDATE: Here’s the official Beyoncé post announcing the album: Beyoncé The Visual Album
14 songs 17 videos
available now on iTunes

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