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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nelly "M.O." Album Review

Well what can we say about a new Nelly album. After a few listens and getting my bias out of the way, I'm takin back to what made me love this guy and his music but the transition is hard to swallow because some songs sound rushed and a lil too poppish. We know that's his M.O. so I am not gonna be so hard on him. He also went back to his more urban type vibe with 2 Chains, Future, T.I. and Yo Gotti on the roster and it sounds somewhat authentic. I know those artists have respect for him because he is a smart business man and comes from similar struggles. On the track "Headphones" ft Nelly Furtado I can't help but feel his Flo Rida-ish style on the track without the fast cadence of whom is a follower of his lane which Nelly created so it's a lil awkward for me. But in all I do like some of the tracks because I am a Nelly fan and as I listen it grows on me more. I  would say he gets our stamp of approval more so because of who he is and his accomplishments. Go get it because you may have a different ear than I and friggin love it!

Review By: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture


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