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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lore'l's on the Billboard bytch because she's the Leading Lady

 Ok so I got a crush on her.. But that has nothin to do with her Boss savey in her music and griity flows that can't go unnoticed. She reps her own OTL Brand ( Outta They League) and I must say she does it well.

We got a glimpse of her cool on VH1's hit reality show  Love and Hip Hop New York and seen the way she tried to stay away from the drama but to no avail got swallowed up in it which is why she stepped away from the show but that says a lot about her. I like a woman that can fall back from the drama scene. There's nothing more sexy than that. But we all know she didn't stop there.

She teamed up with the beautiful Yandy Smith as we all know and went on to drop 2 mixtapes. First Leading Lady then Billboard Bytch........

Both of which solidified her place in Hip Hop. Like it or not she is on the scene and I hope she never leaves because we need more female MC's that can be sexy and BOSS. And both she is. She's not askin for no handouts she's takin her spot and owning it.

We @ Apex Coture applaud her for her stance in the game and honestly she's spittin harder than most these new dudes in Hip Hop so feel threatened it's okay. Because you would only be following your instincts if you want to be her competition. Click the link above and get her 2 installments and if you disagree, feel free to leave a comment and tell us why. Until then Lore'l baby you got our support and stamp of approval because your Hot! KEEP IT UP AND WILL YOU MARRY ME FOR 2 WEEKS?

Column by: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

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