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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lady Gaga ArtPop album review

This album is Crazy creative!!! If you can step outside the box for a spill and open your mind to the sound of a whole new Galaxy then you will definitely be satisfied with this record. Raunchy and classic pop with a dash of Hip Hop with the Banger "Jewels N' Drugs" feat T.I, Too $hort and Twista. Also a dab of R&B on "Do what you want" feat R. Kelly. The sounds are artistic in a way that only she  can create. Rock and Roll vibes clashing with the electric pop sensation that will assist the listeners in reach of that musical climax. If you don't have an open mind then you should definitely not attempt to get into this album because your judgement is gonna be bias. This woman is nothing less than genius and critics not at her level or the level mentally of her fans will just have ignorant rants and views. It get's our stamp of approval so to all the Gaga fans ROCK ON!!

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