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Monday, September 30, 2013


Apex Coture Magazine-Digital ( is Duval County's most trending Magazine around for YOU the people. We have beeen gaining momentum and are now being recognized for helping to start the careers of aspiring Models, video vixens, actresses, singers, dancers, producers etc. Professional women in any form of entertainment or business. If your beautiful and talented we give you a Major rapidly growing avenue to market that and now we have 3 packages to choose from of the best value for someone starting out.

First is our "SPOTLIGHT" Package: You get 1 professional Digital pic, a post with your own permanent link on our site with an amazing in depth write up about you and your services for $100

Second is our "GLAMOROUS SPOTLIGHT": 5 pics, 2 week advertisement slot with your permanent link on our site(after the 2 weeks the spotlight remains on our site permanently just refer people to your link) on our main page (Ad slots value at $2500 a month so this is a great deal) and an interview where you can tell all about you and what you do. You want to be transparent. For $250

Finally is our "FEATURED SPOTLIGHT": 15 pics one of which will be in our "Slider" advertisement slot (valued at $3000 a month) also the "Featured" slot on our main page which is what people see first when they log on to our magazine at and are able to click the link to take straight to your pics along with a video interview of you which will also be aired on our Apex Coture TV series coming soon. You hold these slots for 60 days and this spotlight remains on our sight permanently so that you can always use for a reference in your portfolio. We also market and promote the link via Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc for you for $500! Crazy deal and well worth it just ask our featured model "Sun Citi" who is now off shooting video's nationwide every week because of her Featured Spotlight.

Your time is Now. Go check out and like us on Facebook @ Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

If you are interested pls contact Antuan Wright @ 904-586-6293 to sign up today!!


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