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Friday, August 2, 2013

bob filner

"Don't leave ya girl round me" is the mind set of San Deigo's mayor Bob Filner. He just can't keep his hands to himself let alone be trusted around his female constituents. Seems our elected officials are not as polished and distinguished as they potray. They also seem to be thinking they're above the law. They can legislate laws but oh no God forbid the laws apply to them. Just think what would happen if one of us citizens (of color) were to harrass 7 white women. We'd be charged, found guilty and sentenced waaay outside the guidelines. So I guess we're supposed to buy this whole go to rehab (vacation) and get counsil for his perverted ways meanwhile continuing to function as mayor. Really??? What part of politics is that? Is this that new new? And we just sweep it under the rug? You can bet your balls. What else would you expect from a country built off lies? Our government and justice system is starting to crumble right before our eyes and we
continue to run to the polls but to no avale, the shitheads will surface and we elect them right into office to fuck shit up. Let's be honest, they're only human. That is true so why do we expect super human results from these political pundits? Hell, with the right budget I could run for office. Mayor Bon Filner, tighten that shit up and keep your trickin ways on the low please. Or the San Deigans will physically remove yo ass! God bless Amerikkka. This ol Godless Amerikkka..

Column by: Antuan W.

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