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Friday, August 30, 2013

"Age against the Machine"

Goodie Mob "Age against the Machine" THIS IS A SOUTHERN HIP HOP CLASSIC! If you think that's a bit extreme then just take a listen yourself and feel what's being stated here. Music for the soul like the way old negro spirituals moved thru our ppl brought in such a futuristic fashion. Meanwhile tracks like "Pinstripes" ft T.I. joined with the King of the South all 4 Goodie God MC's put down with force in their seasoned flows callin this music game what it is. Stories with myth-type vibes on "Ghost of Gloria Goodchild" I mean the shit you just not gettin in hip hop. And the production is so original ain't nothin in the game like it. Just go listen. The Apex Coture Stamp of approval in full effect.. Get it at or 

Review by: Antuan W.


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