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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We have heard all of the talk on snowden but for some weird reason i have the feeling he just doesn't exist. Why would i believe such a thing some may ask and my answer to those is simply prove to me he does. through out my research and learning i've come to find more cases were the American people have took in and digested what the media has given them as fact. ive been alive for thirty one years and yet have i seen any  extreme terrorist running around in my city what about you? i've seen no nuclear lab which build nuclear rods for our demise and the list goes on. I do see poorly miss guided people who believe in anything or person that says i can give you hope. people sell hope all day were im from and for the most part thats all they do is sell it. people wake up! you are your only savior there for save yourselves from a plan that may hold you at the bottom of its actions or suffer because you still believe in the old ways.

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