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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Tinashe "Reverie" mixtape. Mariah Carey may be the queen of the high note but the princess is on the way for that spot. With a voice like water she serenades the fellas gettin em high with the sex appeal in her tone and passionate stares in her video's and when you put that together she is the total package. Starting out with "Fear Not" she's addressing the ills of our world and the karma one creates for themself which is even sexier comin from someone so hot. Then her heart beats "Slow" for the man she wants to "Come when I call" and dude if you don't go, I will. Make sure you go download it if you haven't. She's no cliche! Contact Antuan Wright @904 586 6293 to get your mixtape/album reviewed by our mag/site. APEX COTURE •RANDOMNESS•REPERTOIRE•ROYALTY•

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