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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SD "Life of a Savage 3

SD "Life of a Savage 3" mixtape. This shit is straight up and down CRACK!
 If you young and in them streets thuggin this is your theme music just don't shoot nobody. 
The beats are bangin and the lyrical content aint much in the way of MCin but its Gangsta shit how lyrical must one be? 
Hosted by Trap-A-Holics he sets it off with a "Re-Up" he also loves "Bad Hoes" (who don't) and he got "Bandz" of course. 
Don't look for any positivity but don't judge the lil nigga either. 
He's good at what he do. It gets the Apex Coture stamp of approval and you can copp it @
Go download if you dare!

Reviewed by: Antuan W.

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