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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dr. Sebi "There is a cure"

Politicos Alkebulan

Contrary to what most of us believe, there has been a cure for AIDS, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Lupus, Blindness and many other diseases for decades. Dr Sebi has been curing all of these diseases since 1984. His lectures and teachings have saved countless people (including myself) who otherwise would have never known what to do. I’m trying to spread the word for other people who don’t know what to do.
So the Question arises: if there’s been a cure for AIDS, why do millions of people still suffer from it? Simply put, there is no profit for Big-Pharmacy in the cure for AIDS or any other disease because the cure is natural herbs. No chemical pills or shots will ever help your health. EVER.
Let me be clear, there is no single thing or herb that will cure you if you have these diseases. It is a whole therapy called the Bio-electric Food Therapy, and its flawless.
In 1987 the FDA sued a Dr Sebi for false advertisement and practicing medicine without a license. He had over 70 patients in the court room with him who were completely cured of the AIDS, and he won. Dr Sebi proved to the FDA that he cures AIDS using no chemicals, just natural herbs.
After he proved he had the cure, he went to over 15 countries in Africa. The Africa we all want to help. Africa needs help. We all need help. But the African people are not going to get it from the African leaders. Nor any other place on Earth. All the African leaders told him they weren’t interested in the cure for AIDS.
Dr Sebi says there is only one disease, there has never been two. what do you think that one disease is? MUCUS. Mucus is the cause of ever disease. Its very simple, while the mucus membrane is essential for life, too much of it in any one place causes damage to the body and immune system. If there’s too much mucus in the lungs its called pneumonia. When there’s too much mucus in the retina of your eye it causes blindness. If there’s mucus in the blood and skin that causes AIDS. Even thyroid cancer is a buildup of mucus in the thyroid gland. Mucus can also buildup in the stomach, intestines, liver, colon, and brain.
So what causes this backup of mucus? Why does everyone have too much mucus? BLOOD AND STARCH. Everything in the western diet contains blood and starch. Africans eat Cumphry and Cassava, and both contain starch. Starch is a chemical. Starch is an adhesive to combined two unnatural things together. As long as your putting starch into your mouth and swallowing it, you will never be free from disease.
This is just a very brief summary of this incredible story. Please look into this matter more. Learn what you are putting in your mouth. You could be sick and you don’t even know it because the mucus has been sitting in your body all your life. Spread the word about the cure for AIDS. People don’t have to suffer anymore.

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