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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, October 2, 2022

YBD Don Releases 'Gold Digger' The First Installment Of Two Part Series Of Songs

 Hip Hop is much more than just words over a beat. The creative process should be strategic and the energy you apply towards creating the records should always provide an experience of feeling complete, yet wanting more from the artist.

This is what the artist you are about to meet understands. Let's buss down some game with the homie.

ACM: Let's get into it! Tell our subscribers who you are and give them a bit of background about ya.

YBD: Greetings to all the subscribers! I go by the name of YBD Don and this is my single 'Gold Digger'. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica; in the heart of the city. A little place called Orange Villa Housing scheme. Music is very big there. I got into writing around 11 years old, and my very first song got me into some trouble, so I thought maybe I shouldn't make music. I left Jamaica literally 3 years later and moved to Miami, Florida. I was in the states for a couple of years before I met my biggest music influence, who also wrote poems and raps. It was him, it was my neighbor and long-time friend who got me into rap music. I am a couple of years older than he is so quiet naturally I was a major influence on him as well.

ACM: Before we get into the initial record, talk about your strategy behind the two-part series of songs.

YBD: There wasn't one at first! I made a beat and the feel of the record to me needs a female rap artist's presence. I still haven't figured out who I want to reach out to yet which made me modify the beat to create what you have here today. So really this became a series because I made a male version of the song.

ACM: Talk about the first installment and the significance of the "Rich" man's perspective.

YBD: You know it, Hip-Hop! Men and Women are at war for a position in our society. Everyone either wants to be High Value or be involved with someone high value. This is basically a message on what people of value do and want.

ACM: Let's get into the logistics of the production associated with the "combination of flows going from slow to fast and vice versa, along with the tone of your voice".

YBD: Of course! So the beat definitely dictates the tone of every record and my flow is a product of that. Making a catchy record with substance is hard, but when you have a combination of both I think people will love it.

ACM: Where does the series go next? What can we expect from YBD Don in the near future?

YBD: I am seeking a female artist who would go ape on the beat *Winks* or at least one with that Gorilla flow, that Meg flow. It's gonna be lit for sure.

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