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Monday, September 20, 2021

Female Rapper Elles Moca Cooks Up New Single “Betty Crocker”

 Toronto, ON – Rising Toronto Female Rapper Elles Moca released her new single “Betty Crocker.” The highly anticipated single is available on all music platforms. Moca is known for her chart-topping singles “Fck Boy” and “God in The Hood,” both garnered over 4K views on YouTube. Moca is an artist on the move, stepping up her game and moving up the charts with each new single. “Betty Crocker” refers to Moca’s ability to cook up her own beats and make them work. Her music is heavy on thought-provoking lyrics, bars, and beats. It’s important to the rising artist to be herself and that her music reflects who she is, both the joy and the pain.  

Elles Moca is a natural-born leader and visionary. Her goal is to occupy a top spot at the table of Canadian Hip Hop. Moca’s music leaves a lasting impression as she keeps it real for her fans. The journey is long but with each lyric and each beat, Elles Moca gets closer.   

“My goal as a rap artist is to create quality music that everyday people can relate to.  Music that motivates, provokes deep thoughts and empowers to shine a light on the positives and negatives in the streets and overcoming adversity.” Elles Moca 


“Betty Crocker” by Elles Moca is out now on all music platforms...  Be empowered.

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