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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Get Hip With DJ Mos P: Sofia Evangelina- Endure

 A phenomenal award-winning teen with a soulful vocal range, Sofia Evangelina is a rare example of musical greatness. Her vocals send persuading chills throughout your body. Her unique delivery compliments her musical attributions. A premier pop superstar with a raving future. A powerful voice of hypnotizing fusion and lyrical intelligence, you will enjoy the vibes this song presents to you as soon as you press play. Residing in Canada, her future is bright and will steal your hearts with this song.

“Endure” delivers an unbelievable burst of personality and gives you one of the best musical rushes since Christina Aguilera and JoJo. An instant classic that you will have to keep on repeat. Her songwriting abilities create a live fulfillment through the speakers. This song gives you the same vibrations from the past, present, and future. This song presents a futuristic vibe of intelligence blended with soul and partnered with a powerful production. The feeling you will gather from this amazing song is unbelievable and will leave you thriving for more.  Every word in this song will touch your soul. 

As this song presents a fusion of vibes from Sofia Evangelina’s creative space and passion, you will find her to be rare and welcomes you to join her for a soulful rush. Join Sofia’s world today by streaming “Endure” on all digital streaming platforms today!




Instagram: Sofia.evangelina

Facebook: Sofia Evangelina Music

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