Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Coture Conversations: Demetria MzMetchi Brown

 Our subscribers know that nothing excites us more than Black excellence. The sight of Black entrepreneurs building their own brands and ownership is the most beautiful thing we can witness in 2021. We are steadily on the rise and no matter what we don't get from our government, our prosperity is inevitable.

With that being said, we're here in this moment to celebrate a media personality, the CEO of The Blueprint Media Company, the always vibrant Demetria MzMetchi Brown. This woman is a force needed in the Black business realm more importantly, in Black media which we know is a tool of warfare against the negative narratives and stereotypes that plague our people.

Not only is she growing her brand to be a media giant, but she is also a specialist when it comes to eyewear. With Lavish Looks by MzMetchi she provides quality products with guidance and education on the importance of eyewear and you being styled the right way while you rock your lenses. 

Antuan sat down with her in an episode of Coture Conversations and they covered important issues while having fun in an informative fashion. These conversations are vital to the framing of our narratives and highlighting the public figures that are on a mission to take back the imaging of Black people. Check out the conversation below!

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